Terms and Conditions

Competitions/Giveaways – General Terms & Conditions

By entering any competition(s) or prize giveaways you must agree to the following terms and conditions:


  • Reference to ‘I’, ‘We’, Us’, ‘asian-fx.co.uk’ or ‘Asian FX’ in this document is a reference to Panjab Radio Ltd. 
  • The general terms and conditions apply to all competitions and giveaways on or in conjunction with Asian FX Radio.
  • Some competitions/giveaways may have specific terms and conditions, these will be published separately.
  • Entrants should ensure they have read both the general terms and conditions and any specific competition/giveaway terms and conditions if applicable.
  •  These general terms may be amended at any time without prior notice.  We may change these general terms at any time so you should check this page regularly for any changes. Changes will apply from the date that they are published on this page. It is your responsibility to ensure you review the current general terms as well as Specific Terms before entering any Competition or prize draw of the Promoter. 
  • By entering any competition/giveaway you are accepting that you will be legally bound by these general terms and the applicable specific terms. If you do not agree with any aspect of the General Terms or Specific Terms then you should not take part in the competition/giveaway.
  • Competition Entry is only open to residents of the UK.
  • One entry per household per competition/giveaway unless otherwise stated.
  • In order to make a valid entry into a Competition, you must enter as an individual using your legal name and make only one entry per Competition.
  • The winner must claim the prize within 7 days of close of competition. If you fail to claim the Prize within the time-limit or fail to comply with any other instructions or time-limits notified to you, you will forfeit your right to the Prize and your claim will be invalid.
  • We may ask you to provide us with proof of your eligibility to enter a Competition and we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to decide that   eligibility criteria have been met.
  • Proof of identity and age may be required. Use of a false name or address will result in disqualification.
  • Asian FX reserve the right to amend or alter the terms of competitions at any time and reject entries from entrants not entering into the spirit of the competition.
  • A text message or a telephone call will normally cost the standard rate for your service provider, please check with your service provider for more details. The cost of text messages and telephone calls via different service providers may vary.
  • Your entry or participation in a Competition and/or Prize is at your own risk and your health and safety is your own responsibility. If the Competition or Prize requires you to undertake any physical activity please ensure, before entering the Competition, that you (i) are in good health and (ii) have no underlying medical condition and are taking no medication that could adversely affect you.
  • Entries that are incomplete, indecipherable, corrupt, late or otherwise not in accordance with entry instructions will not be accepted. Asian FX cannot be held responsible in the event of postal, telephone, text message or online entries delayed or not received by us as a result of network incompatibility, technical faults or for any other reason.
  • With respect to Competitions/Giveaways operated by third parties and featured on-air or on our websites – the relevant third party will be responsible for the fulfilment of the Competition/Giveaway. We accept no responsibility for the acts or omissions of such third parties.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any person not being able to enter a competition for any reason, including system failure, error, the application through which online entries are made being down, hacks on the system or personal computer issues.
  •  It is a condition of entry to all our Competitions that we have the right to publish and/or broadcast the first name, home town, character, likeness and voices of competition entrants and winners.
  • You agree you will not by any act or omission do anything, which might bring Asian FX into disrepute or affect the reputation of the station.
  • Your conduct towards all Asian FX competitions/ giveaways should be appropriate and to the spirit or intention of the terms or of the competition.
  • To ensure fairness, we reserve the right to prevent you, at our discretion, from entering any competition for 3 months, if you have previously won a prize during the 3 months prior to the start date of the current competition/giveaway.
  • We will aim to get the prize sent to you within 28 days of the competition closing.
  • We and our Promotion Partners will try to provide the prize as described and try to provide the prize within the timeframe set out in the Promotion Terms and Conditions. There will be no cash credit or alternative prize offered.
  • Entrants, particularly prize winners and their guests if applicable, may be required to participate in photo, recording, video and/or filming session(s). You agree that we shall have the right to use all the resulting publicity materials in any media and in any manner, we see fit, unless you advise us at the time of entering the competition that you wish to retain your anonymity. You agree that the Promoter (or any third party nominated by the Promoter) may in its sole discretion use the winner’s (and if applicable their guest’s) name and image and their comments relating to the prize and their experience for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes in any media worldwide without notice and without any fee being due. Where the prize for any of our competitions involves the winner’s attendance at (or tickets to) an event, the prize winner acknowledges that we are not liable or responsible if any part of the event is cancelled, varied or rescheduled for any reason. If this means that the winner (and/or any accompanying guests) cannot attend the relevant event, we shall be under no obligation to provide any alternative prize, cash equivalent or alternative tickets.   
  • Prizes cannot be transferred to another person.
  • Competition entries must include a contact number, email or home address as requested. Failure to respond and/or provide a contact, or failure to meet the eligibility requirements may result in forfeiture of the prize.
  • Unless stated otherwise the winner(s) will be drawn at random from all correct entries received by the announced closing time/date as stated by the presenter(s) holding the competition.
  • Unless otherwise stated, winners will be announced on air.
  • Presenters/Asian FX admin staff may contact winners to alert them on winning a prize.
  • All our decisions relating to the Competition and/or redemption of the prizes are final. No discussions or correspondence with entrants or any other person will be entered into. 
  • Unless otherwise stated in the specific terms and conditions, all entrants must be aged 18 or over.

We are committed to operating our Competitions fairly and transparently and preventing any abuse of our Competitions and systems.  

For this reason we reserve the right to disqualify and/or discount entries if we have reasonable grounds to suspect, in our sole discretion, having regard to all the circumstances and information available at the relevant time, any of the following: 

  • activity has occurred that is designed to excessively manipulate the Competition; or 
  • entries have been made in breach of the General Terms or Specific Terms; or 
  • there has been any activity which we consider is designed to unfairly influence the Competition and/or provide an unfair advantage to the entrant including without limitation use of automated or semi-automated technology; or the making or disguising of multiple entries by an individual entrant using multiple different phone numbers (or other details on which limits on number of entries are based), false names, addresses or any other information. 

Unless otherwise permitted pursuant to the applicable Specific Terms or unless it is an Online Giveaway Competition, if we have reason to believe that an individual entrant to our Competitions has made multiple entries using different phone numbers, names, email addresses, or social media pages (or other details on which limits on number of entries are based) from any one entry platform then we will treat this as an attempt to unfairly influence the Competition and all entries submitted by that entrant will be void.

Document Updated: 25 June 2021